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Over the years, kite has worked on many amazing projects – here are some of our favourites!

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New Zealand avocado

From a history of working with New Zealand outfits to launch into Asian markets, through the Government Department - Trade & Enterprise; we welcomed New Zealand avocado as a client to provide a full service launch of their product into Asia. Including Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea & India.

Services covering – Market localisation, creative content development, digital & retail campaign strategy, photography & film, brand ambassador & influencers all applied to online website, social networks, advertising campaigns alongside retail installations & promotions through to PR launch events!

Until this day, we continue to relish in such a well rounded relationship with New Zealand avocado after many years and successes to adjust and improve.

Max Reinert
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Pattana Sports Resort

Originally a 27 hole golf & country club, we were approached as Pattana was under going a complete transition and conceptual development. Branching out into a wider realm of sports to attract a new market to it's facility. With over 2 years of development, Kite aided in a full review, resulting in identifying areas to improve performance, restructuring of departments, developments of product/service offerings and a complete refresh in visuals & communications, to optimise market awareness and engagement. It was not our first engagement to work on such a wide scale project & physical space – and every time, everyone involved experiences valuable learnings along the way!

Services covering – Business evaluation, product/department - redevelopment, brand & marketing campaigns, copywriting, visual content updates in photography & film, website with sales CRM, social network platform, generating full collateral items for resort and business departments, activating new facility services such as sporting venues & MICE facilities, supporting & tying together additional branches of the business and even extending to staff hiring.


Help kite to help you – for a full transparency review and work scoping please enquire for an obligation free initial consultation and honest chat. 

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United Nations – SDGs Asia

The original name 'Global Goals' now is known globally as SDG's or Sustainable Development Goals. After a long relationship of working with the United Nations Asia, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand – the SDGs vision was introduced in the mid 2010s. From early days of conceptualisation and localising messages, working closely with university research and governing bodies briefs. Kite developed a systematic approach to collecting data through a surveying application. Testing and applying methodology to allow UN reps to travel and collect data in remote locations, upload from tablets and synchronise using a custom built Salesforce CRM platform. 

Forward from which all data compiled and viewed with private access to members for reporting and a public facing web interface releasing limited reports, news updates, integrated survey and SDG voting system, campaign and member subscription, social network and in addition supporting PR & launch events.  

Services covering – Project work-scoping through to concept & solution, implementing Salesforce CRM platform, iOS application, multiple user interface and permission levels, insight reporting, secure internal website and public facing version, social network platform and social - marketing content generation. Supporting PR launch events, booth design, providing media coverage and event organisation. 

Again we are. happy to discuss special packages with NGO & non-profits. 

columbia trail masters_edited.jpg
Columbia Trail Masters - Sports Events

By far the most engaged event we worked for and created – which still continues today is the 'Columbia Trail Masters'. Among many past sports events which we've generated complete visual & space design, marketing & promotions to highlight reels; this time we handled all aspects of event organising alongside Sports Republic.


A complete immersive and rewarding experience, 6 months in the making from being selected through to creating a new trail network, design & producing all collaterals, press conferences & influencers, managing ticket sales, planning the staging site, Start/Finish through to logistics of bringing over 3,500 participants to an event site, staffing, vendors, so-on and so-forth. 

Services covering – every single little detail!